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Analyzing your needs, we can offer you innovative mobility solutions that enable greater efficiency at lower costs. With a personalized approach, a multi-brand concept, an offer of hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as other forms of mobility, we enable everything in your fleet to function smoothly.

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Our mission is to provide stable support to your business with our expertise, assuming the risk of vehicle usage.

Considering your mobility needs, our expert team will offer flexible solutions tailored to your business, providing you with security and stability for further business development.

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Long-term vehicle rental tailored to your needs.

DRS creates flexible solutions while reducing vehicle maintenance costs, which has a positive effect on balance optimization and and represents an excellent budgeting tool because you will be aware of all of the costs in advance.

You can choose a lease period from 12 to 48 months.

If you need to use the vehicle for a shorter period of time, from a few days to 12 months, you have a choice of vehicles from our fleet of multi-brand vehicles, from luxury brands to motorcycles.


Prices change by the day, delivery times are extended, and you need cost stability for the vehicles you already own.

We will take over the management of your fleet for a fixed monthly fee, while you focus on developing your business.

With the support of our team of experts, we are able to offer innovative and individually tailored solutions for the use of electric vehicles. From consultation, model selection, charger installation at your location to access cards to public chargers.

We also offer electric vehicle users the option of using non-electric vehicles 60 days a year, depending on needs (for longer trips, vacations, etc.).

If you need to own a quality used car, with a proper maintenance history, or you want to use one of our used vehicles for a limited period of time, we are here to help you and find an adequate solution for you.

Advantages of using our services

Our mobility solutions take you to your destination with the least investment. Whether you want to rent a vehicle, take a long-term lease, need electric vehicles, perhaps a motorcycle, or would like to use a scooter in combination with a vehicle, we will help you choose what suits your needs.

All vehicle usage costs are fixed and consolidated

Flexible solutions

Absence of risk from all economic and market changes

Budgeting and balance optimization tool

Security and support 24/7

Transparent reporting

Multibrand concept

As a member of the Delta Auto Group, we have more than 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, working with renowned global brands.

We strive to be an innovative leader in the field of long-term vehicle leasing, providing clients with complete security and flexibility and creating unique “tailor made” offers. creating unique “tailor made” offers.

Nikola Knežević, Nes Communications doo, CEO

“Before DRS, we used the services of a global competitor. Until we moved to DRS, we were unaware that it was possible to work so quickly and professionally. We are extremely satisfied with the services, we feel like a VIP client in terms of every request we have.

The whole team, led by Srđan Pušić, facilitates our daily business, we don’t have to worry about vehicles, everything we need is there, as and when we need it. I wholeheartedly recommend DRS!”

Vladimir Milić, Starmax doo, Director

“If all of my associates were like DRS, our company would be even better and more successful. I don’t know which of their qualities I could highlight; the speed of their reaction, their company etiquette or meticulousness, in one word, they are true professionals. DRS is an example of how to do business and after this I think that every additional word would be redundant. Continue as you have so far and you will be on the right track. It is a pleasure to cooperate with you.”

Miloš Krstajić, TTK Traffic, Director

“How to describe this company without exaggerating. One word best describes it… perfection.

From the first day of establishing our cooperation, everything worked perfectly. The only thing you have to do is use and enjoy your vehicle. Everything else is done by them, and they’re really good at it. When a friend from Delta Motors referred me to them, I was a little sceptical. The recommendation was – they can do everything. At first it sounded completely unrealistic… However, they can really do anything…”


Along with business development, today it is necessary to pay more and more attention to other topics such as sustainability, greater efficiency, climate protection and so-forth. Changes are happening at every step, so the concept of mobility is also changing.

These are some of the companies that have trusted us so far.

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